Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapy offers greater flexibility, increased energy flow, deep relaxation & a feeling of well-being. The work incorporates assisted stretches with compression & pressure point work. The bodywork is done fully clothed while either lying on one's back, stomach or side, and/ or sitting upright on a Thai massage mat. 


$85 for 60 min at home studio

$115 for 90 min at home studio

$150 for 120 min at home studio



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Mobile visits suspended until further notice.

Please do not come in if you are feeling ill or have a temperature. Masks are optional, let me know when booking what you feel more comfortable with. I am fully vaccinated. Our health is my top priority and I want to keep you, your loved ones, and myself and my family safe and healthy!

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Photo: Charlie Watts

On retreat in Costa Rica. 


Photos by Kelly Truitt in my home studio