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1:1 Self Discovery

When is the last time you took the time to really SEE yourself, and to let yourself be SEEN?

Does finding the time and space to tap into a truer sense of Self & joy seem overwhelming? 

Do you crave practices that feel more magical, more integrated, and personally curated but don’t know where to start?

Do you wish you had an accountability partner to help navigate all this so you can live more fully?


Root, Love, Be.

Working full time in the wellness world has gifted me opportunities to be exposed to ways to craft a life that feels less restrictive, small, and dim to one that has a sense of possibility, shine, hope, & discovery. 

Align with what helps you feel rooted & supported. Open yourself up to receiving love and loving yourself. BE MORE YOU.​

This is an invitation to find the enchantment in your everyday. To re-ignite your Heart to in turn light up your sense of Self so you can hold space for and truly connect to your world. ​

The Root:

Set the Groundwork $125

The best way to start (or re-start), is to begin. The ROOT is the initial foundation. When we get clarity around what we’d like to work towards and how we’d like to feel, we move along our journey with greater awareness and deeper Self exploration.


  • 30 minute Zoom/ FaceTime call to start to uncover what you want to work on & how you want to FEEL. Rounded out with a meditation, breath work, and/ or visualization. 

  • 60 minute tarot card pull 

  • A stone/ crystal selected just for you 

  • A braid of sweetgrass for ritual and clearing. 


The Sacral - Solar:

Tap into creativity, movement, and the feminine. $275

I’m a firm believer that creativity, playfulness & celebrating the body (physically, emotionally & mentally) are key components to discovery, confidence, & joy. This package provides support via monthly check-ins over 3 months.


  • Everything in ROOT package above

  • Three 20 minute check ins, once a month via Zoom

  • One 60 min yoga movement session

  • Curated Spotify playlist

  • Personal mantra/ affirmation

  • Custom wrist mala bracelet. Switch to a necklace if that’s more your style, (additional cost apply, price varies based on stones and style selected). 


The Heart: 

Cultivate a more tender relationship with the Self $650

Most of us have been protecting our Heart in some way for a long time. Loosening our fear of judgement, isolation, & what we’ve been taught is “unacceptable” or “too much” can help instill a sense of forgiveness, compassion & empowerment for ourselves and in turn, towards others. Affirmations, mantra, myth, deepening connections (with others and oneself), mindfulness, learning to exist in the uncomfortable, and stepping into a life lived more fully is important healing work for the Heart space. This package allows you to go deeper into developing what rituals and “gifts” you can cultivate for yourself to expand out from this center, causing ripples outward to support the World around you. 


  • Everything in the ROOT package

  • Four 60 minute virtual or in person (at my home studio) yoga sessions.

  • Custom gemstone bracelet (option to upgrade to a mala necklace, additional costs apply)

  • Personalized mantra/ affirmation

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