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Made with Intention. Designed to Empower. 

Drea James Designs was started in 2008 here in Atlanta as a way to indulge in my creative side. I seek out unique findings, gemstones, and vintage components that spark my imagination through color, textures, meanings & histories. Then I  pull them together into designs to inspire, evoke a sense of adventure, & that promote just the right amount of sass. Life is meant to be lived in style. Adorn accordingly. 

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Drea = shortening of my middle name, Andrea

James = passed down on my Father’s side as we may be descendants of the Jesse James

Drea was my alter ego. She was the confident, not shy badass I wanted to be. We are now melded and she's pretty much me and I'm pretty much her. We can all step into a fuller, more fierce version of ourselves if we have the inspiration and creative outlets. Adorn for the life you want.


I'm proud to have my jewelry in the following stores:

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Gift Cards Available!

What better way to show someone you care than a handmade, one of a kind, wearable piece of art? 

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