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"I have been practicing yoga with Jenn for several years. It's apparent in her classes that she puts time and love into her sequencing and her practice. She has encouraged me to move toward my edge, while providing a safe and healthy environment in which to do so. Her approach to holistic wellness is intelligent, dedicated, thoughtful and nurturing. Jenn always has time to pay individual attention to one's needs/ questions. She is very knowledgeable about anatomy, biomechanics and nutrition. The community she has helped foster at Tough Love Yoga's Cobra Camp is a strong, supportive and beatuiful group of people. I gotta say, from the bottom of my heart, this lady Jenn Cook is the total package." - Nicole

"I love Jenn's approach, because I enjoy an athletic yoga practice. Her instruction is crystal clear and easy to follow, which is great for a beginner. She has a way of putting me at ease and keeping me focused on my practice. Her style is unpretentious and familiar, makingh me feel at home in my body."
- Malissa M.

"I started classes with Jenn almost a year ago with very little yoga experience and a lot of trepidation. I didn't think I was the "yoga type," but I was stressed and unhealthy, and needed structure in the morning. Jenn was perfect, and exactly what I needed. She knows how to push you without pressure and challenge you without leaving you behind. Through Jenn's guidance and encouragement, I have learned how to not only be grateful, but actually impressed with my body and my ability, whatever it may look like or be. Working with Jenn has been the most affirming experience." - Kim

“Jenn is incredible! Every time I finish a yoga session with her, I always think: 'Gah! This is exactly what I needed.' She pushes you without making you feel self conscious. Her classes make me feel beautiful and powerful. A truly wonderful experience!”​ - Sarah

"I really appreciate that when I visit Jenn for a Thai massage session, she takes the time to determine what my specific needs are, both in general and on that specific day, and tailors the session to address those needs. For instance, I am generally very tight in the shoulders and chest, and Jenn is great about focusing on those areas -- to very noticeable effect, as I have experienced progressive opening in the shoulders as a result of Jenn's work. Further, Jenn is great about communicating during the session to ensure that I'm comfortable, that the pressure being applied is appropriate (not too light or firm), and so on. As someone who tends to be somewhat tight and generally prefers a bit more pressure, I appreciate that Jenn is able to be simultaneously strong and sensitive with her touch. I have also noticed a great energetic effect from having a Thai massage with Jenn. In each case I have left the session with a great sense of well-being, and an increased sense of contentment and serenity." - Josh 

"Jenn has gently guided me in my yoga practice for over a year and has helped me get on a path to living more fully in my body and self through Thai bodywork.  In both yoga and Thai bodywork Jenn is compassionate and knowledgeable.  In yoga this means she checks-in, gives tailored cues, and also shares stories about her own practice and poses to demonstrate vulnerability and possibility.  In bodywork this means that Jenn carefully thinks about my experience, chooses bodywork to meet my needs in general and for that day and moment.  She also takes time to answer questions and explains alignment so that I can be empowered to take ownership over my own practice and body.  Plus she has great music to pump up any yoga practice or set the tone for a calming bodywork experience.  I always leave my time with Jenn feeling a sense of possibility for myself and my life both on and off the mat.  Thank you, Jenn!" - Katie 

“I met Jenn Cook just shy of a year ago, and in that time, I have had the extraordinary pleasure of getting to know her as teacher, designer, and friend. Jenn is an Amazon with grace, a fierce yoga warrior abounding in patient love and compassion. She truly walks the talk of the yoga lifestyle, and this loving, joyous spirit is on prominent display in the studio. She encourages students to approach challenges fearlessly while also providing the nurturing protection they need to prevent injury. She sees each student’s potential and abilities, celebrating those with them. In a class with Jenn, be prepared to feel stronger, have fun, and open your eyes both inward and outward. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself starting to make sound effects and giggle more in your home practice!” – Jessica

"I've known Jenn since 2012 as fellow yoga students and then as fellow teacher trainees at Tough Love Yoga. Jenn is one of the kindest souls I know and it shines through in her terachings. She is parient and encouraging with her students, but can also teach an amazing fiery, kick-butt workout. Jenn has a strong knowledge of the mechanics of the body which translates well to her yoga teaching and to her Thai bodywork sessions. After my first session of Thai bodywork with Jenn, I felt serene and relaxed and slept like a log! Jenn has an amazing ability to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin and in their own practice. It’s truly an honor to know her and to practice with her!" - Rachel

"My yoga journey began in 2010 with Tough Love Yoga.  I met Jenn at a complimentary class while waiting for the store to open.  We chatted for a while and then practiced together that morning.  TLY yoga classes kept finding us together...and we became great friends.  My passion for yoga and the desire to have a deeper understanding  led me to private lessons with Jenn in the summer of 2013.....We explored the basics of yoga and gradually more advanced poses.  With Jenn's incredible knowledge it is my belief my practice has grown tremendously (from a Level 1 to a Level 2 yogi) in the year and a half of my privates.  Jenn is an inspiration in my life beyond the yoga.  Her passion for yoga is contagious!!!!"

- Rhonda

Jenn's yoga classes are always physically challenging and taught with a lot of positive energy, which is a combination that has been useful both in strengthening my practice and in improving my mood! It's much easier to want to stick with a demanding class and put in the effort when Jenn is teaching because of her sense of humor and energetic attitude, which create an atmosphere that makes working hard fun. She also draws on many sources to get inspired to design creative sequences -- of all the classes I attend, she is one of the teachers who most often sequences around elements that are novel to me. Jenn has a

fantastic knowledge of anatomical alignment -- I have had several conversations with her about various poses, specific injuries, and so on, and I have learned something new in each of those discussions. Jenn is also a truly caring person and a student of aspects of yoga that go "beyond the mat" and strictly physical

asana, and this often shows in her insightful class themes." - Josh

"I recently had major foot surgery and was unable to exercise for more than two months. I was nervous and apprehensive about getting back into fitness and unsure how my post-surgery foot would respond. Jenn is a longtime friend and we started chatting about my desire to get healthy post-surgery. She suggested I try the De-Stresser Wellness Package and I jumped (okay hopped) at the opportunity. It was a wonderful experience and showed me that my fears were unwarranted. She guided me through yoga poses gently and carefully. And I quickly realized that I was much stronger than I realized. 

The Thai bodywork sessions were incredible and I plan to incorporate regular sessions into my fitness routine going forward. I always came away feeling at peace and slept much better, too! J treated my post-surgery foot with great care and I regained a lot of flexibility.

Jenn also provided me with some wonderful teas and recipes to help me get back on the road to wellness. I highly recommend this package to anyone trying to relieve stress or reincorporate fitness into their lives. Jenn Cook is the best!" - Nadia


"Being a part of Jenn's yoga class and on the receiving end of one of her healing thai massages left me feeling nourished, supported and worked out in the best way (that one applies to the yoga of course!). Jenn's warm spirit and desire to make everyone feel at home creates a sweet environment of growth for whatever you're willing to unearth in your body & practice. Yoga with Jenn works me to my edge in a light-hearted, encouraging way - there's always room for play! Expect to be soothed, supported & utterly taken care of during a that yoga session. Teat yourself to either one, or both, of these amazing experiences as soon as you can, you'll be glad you did!" - Rachelle


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