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This is a constantly evolving resource page of a few favorite books, healers, instructors, designers, etc that I love, utilize and/ or am inspired by. My goal is to share some of the amazing resources out there that I've experienced myself and use regularly (or did pre-Covid). This is just a small, small percentage of what is out there. My only rule is that the items I list here are books I've completely read (so my stacks of books lying around the house don't count), podcasts and courses I've actually finished (my list of someday get to's don't count), practitioners I actively receive from or have used in the past... you get the point. This list is not meant to be exhaustive.

Providing Everything You Need



The Moon Book by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Wild Embers by Nikki Gill

Soul Bird: Poems for Flying by Deborah Anne Quibell

Gather by Octavia Raheem

Witch by Lisa Lister

Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell

Trainers, Instructors, Mentors

Elizabeth Rowan

Rachel Peavy, Blissful Budget

Octavia Raheem

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Mary Grace Allerdice

Roxy Sewell

Gina Minyard

Easy / Evan Hall

Leigh Mallis

Felipe Gonzales


Crystals, tarot & more

Kamali Crystals

Modern Mystic

Passion Planner

Many Moons Planner

The Wild Unknown

The Lavish Earth

The Fountain

The Arcana Astrology 



Dr. Amy King - chiropractor

Dr. April Warhola - chiropractor

Christine Scheurer - MidTown East Acupunture

Form Yoga

Tough Love Yoga

Highland Yoga

Katie Colburn - massage therapist, Reiki

Ian - Enhanced Soul Massage

Ritual Bodywork

Future Perfect Massage

Precision Performance, physical therapists

Ian - Enhanced Soul Massage

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