One of a kind. Made with intention. Designed to empower. 

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Drea = shortening of my middle name, Andrea

James = passed down on my Father’s side as we may be descendants of the Jesse James

I started selling my designs in 2008 here in Atlanta. I'm a treasure hunter for all that inspires my imagination, evokes a sense of adventure & that promotes just the right amount of sass. 


Available at:

Tough Love Yoga, Atlanta

Form Yoga, Atlanta

Modern Mystic, Atlanta

Lark & Sparrow, Atlanta

Highland Yoga, ViHi location, Atlanta 

Midtown East Acupuncture, Atlanta

Pace 23, Atlanta

Heart Space Holistic, Atlanta

Ebb & Flow, Loganville 

Haus of Hanz, New York

Southern Soul Yoga, Chattanooga TN

A. Ell, Kauai 


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