ROOT, LOVE & BE exploration packages.

The only way in, is through. There’s the saying that the only way out is through, well….we are being given an opportunity to strip away, to sit with ourselves in truth and feel that exposed discomfort. What’s on the other side? What do we want to add back in? What do we want to take with us? 


My intention behind these offerings is to create the space to reflect and do some of this deeper, more authentic work. I’ve been dreaming of doing curated one on one packages for awhile but didn’t know how, or when, or what even. Well, the time is now. I cannot wait to explore with you. 


There are 3 packages & one build your own option. The packages are inspired by the chakras, energy centers in our bodies that can serve as insightful gateways into deeper understanding and reflection. The first three chakras provide the foundation and tools to help us express ourselves freely and move us closer to greater collective and Self awareness. The Heart serves as a filter…an advocate for your innermost dreams & dharma. I’m using Kim Krans’s The Wild Unknown, Animal Spirit & Archetype decks to pull from. The playlists will include Nature soundscapes and/ or contemporary music and will be created on Spotify. Stones & malas are saged before being sent to you. 


I’m doing a set number of these each month. Once an order form is received, I will email you to determine method of payment (Venmo, invoice via Square, etc) and discuss next steps. Willing to work on a payment plan too, just reach out. 

THE ROOT $30 - $65 sliding scale/ pay what you can

Includes a 20 minute Zoom/ FaceTime call with me, a 3 card tarot pull with photos of the cards and descriptions, and a stone selected just for you with a braid of sweetgrass for smudging shipped to you. ​


Includes what’s in The Root plus a curated meditation & playlist to help you explore the energies you’re working with and a custom wrist mala bracelet. 



​​Includes The Sacral plus 1 hr yoga private via Zoom, a customized mala necklace, a personalized mantra/ affirmation, and two calls - a discovery and a follow up. 


THE HEART $65 & Up, Build Your Own

Includes The Root package plus (you choose): a Mala Bracelet $30; Mala Necklace $70-$125 (depends on materials, discussed & agreed upon beforehand); 1 hour Zoom private $90; Customized Yoga Sequence + 60 minute Playlist $108; Custom Meditation + 10 - 30 minute Playlist (length of playlist will vary depending on what you are working on and what length you feel would work best for you) $40, and/ or a Personalized Mantra/ Affirmation $15. 


Includes what is in The Root plus a 60 minute yoga playlist/ personal mix tape. ​


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